Trump’s Former Adviser Michael Caputo Back Fires At The House Committee

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Michael Caputo Trump’s Former Adviser lashed out on the House Judiciary committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) on Wednesday, after he sent document requests to 81 individuals and organizations on Monday, in what Democratic constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz called an abuse of power.

In a letter sent to Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) by Dennis Vacco, Caputo’s attorney said, Mr. Caputo is not in possession of any documentation responsive to your request.”

in a statement to The Washington Pundit.

“I’m prepared to stand up against this witch hunt if I’m not alone,” Caputo told The Pundit. “I am willing to stand up first – somebody has to.”

“I asked the House and Senate intelligence committees to allow me to testify in public, and they forced private sessions,” he continued. “I’ve asked for [sic] public release of my testimony, and yet today I can’t even read my own words without traveling to Washington and sitting in a SCIF.”

He added: “If this secrecy isn’t designed to bankrupt witnesses then these Congressional committees should release my testimony or at least share it with each other.”

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